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The DeKalb County Health Department will continue its electronic waste collections in 2017; DC Trash of Cortland will serve as the county's electronics waste vendor.

Recycling Event Schedule:

Event Date

Host Municipality




1st Sat. Monthly


Public Parking Lot Grove

 and S. 4th St.

9am - 11am


2nd Sat. Monthly


750 Duvick Rd. (East Water Tower)

12:30pm -2:30pm

4th Sat. Even  Months only


City Lot Route 30

9am - 11am





The following items must be recycled, and will not be accepted in your trash:


Computer Monitors*


TVs (all types)*

Electronic Keyboards

Fax Machines


Portable CD Players

DVD Players

Video Game Consoles



Digital Converter Box

Cable Receiver

Satellite Receiver

DVD recorder

Small Scale Server


*There is a fee to recycle computer monitors ($10.00) and TVs (18 inches or smaller, $20 and19 inches or larger $30).  Only cash will be accepted at Municipality locations.  Residents will receive a coupon for equal value when paying to recycle TVs and monitors.  All other items listed above are free.


Most electronics with a cord or non-rechargeable battery that are not listed above can be thrown out as trash.  Some exceptions are refrigerators/freezers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners which contain Freon.


For more information, please contact DC Trash at (815) 758-7274

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