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Keicher formally sworn in to 70th District seat
Jeff Keicher chose an historic farm outside of Sycamore as the location for his swearing-in ceremony Tuesday afternoon...as he takes over the 70th District seat, while continuing to campaign as the GOP nominee for that seat.
Keicher invited friends and officials to the Dayton farm, which has been held and operated by the Ward family since 1837; he says the sense of history that it provides to DeKalb County is a reminder to him of what representing his new constituents means -- to them, and to him.
The Sycamore businessman repeated his pledge not to accept a pension or health insurance while in office, saying he doesn't want to add to the taxpayers' burden.  He also pledged to continue the work started by his predecessor Bob Pritchard to support education funding for the area's schools, especially NIU.

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