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Smith recaps first year during State of the City address


DeKalb Mayor Jerry Smith delivered his official State of the City address during Monday night’s Committee of the Whole session; he recapped his time in office, and the many matters he’s already encountered as Mayor…all of which have challenged his desire to help, and given him the opportunity to reach out to individual citizens and the community at large.

Mayor Smith says while the city still has problems to deal with – in the form of streets and infrastructure upgrades, the attempts to revitalize Annie Glidden North, and the crime problems that have occurred there – he believes he and the city have made headway.

During the Council meeting, members discussed the possibility of amending city ordinances concerning smoking in outdoor restaurants and cafes.

Opinions were split, between those who want to allow businesses to operate as independently as possible and those who have health concerns about other diners.

There was no clear consensus by the Council, and nothing had been formally proposed…so no formal action was taken.

Ken Misch


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