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Sycamore adopts new liquor license for video gaming cafes


Sycamore now has new liquor license classifications in place, which are intended to bring new businesses to town…by clearly differentiating between bars, and video gaming cafes.

The City Council voted Monday night in favor of the new ordinances; one creates a new Class VG license, specifically for video gaming parlors. Right now, there are four Class B licensees whose primary business is video gaming.

Mayor Curt Lang says this will open up the Class B category to businesses which concentrate on bar and food services.

As part of these changes, a Class B license originally intended for Cabana Charley’s video gaming café has been rescinded; it’s now reclassified as a Class VG, and there’s no immediate need for another Class B licensee, so the resolution creating it has been repealed.

The license restructuring also allows theaters to offer alcohol service; this would apply solely to the State Street Theater, which is joining many other movie theaters in northern Illinois in selling alcohol on their premises.

The City Council also authorized an agreement to join the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network; this will give the city’s Public Works division access to outside help in case of emergency…much like the fire and police mutual aid networks now in operation.

P.J. Harrigan



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