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Open house gives Sycamore residents look at new sober home


In its first three weeks of operation, the DeKalb County sober house has gained three tenants…and its manager believes they and others will have a real opportunity to turn their lives around, after their descent into drug abuse.

The house at 491 East State Street in Sycamore held an open house Monday evening; the refurbished home has room for the house manager and seven tenants, with bedrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms on each floor.

The life there is regimented, with residents required to sign in and out and subject to occasional searches; but for those who have been in prison, it’s a definite step up…and opens up the possibility of recovery, as well as finding a new career and a new lease on life.

Chris Riggs is the house manager, and says the problems they’ve had getting the house up and running – between repairs, cost and controversy – are now behind them; and he believes the community will eventually come to see the value of having this transitional home available to those who need it.

Riggs says they’ve already gotten to know some of the neighbors, and received help from a number of individuals who have donated items for their use.

He says in the weeks to come, the tenants will be able to easily get to court and parole meetings, and will also have the chance to use the house computer system to find jobs or job training they can use.

Ken Misch


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