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DeKalb looks at 5% budget cut, risks loss of city jobs


A five percent cut in DeKalb’s general spending is both the easiest solution, and the hardest one on the table.

A joint meeting of the City Council and DeKalb’s Finance Advisory Committee on Thursday night offered this as the worst-case scenario – qualifying as such, because a five percent reduction could result in the elimination of 9 full-time jobs and 11 part-time positions, as well as $2 million earmarked for city departments.

The Daily Chronicle reports that City Manager Anne Marie Gaura’s takeaway from Monday night’s Council meeting is that she and the rest of the city staff have to look at a budget based on no property tax increase.

And she warns that these cuts could lead to a fundamental change in city operations.

As an alternative, a budget based on a 2.5 percent reduction is expected to be brought forward by the City Council at its November 27th meeting.

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