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Judge keeping some documents secret in Hastert lawsuit


The public will not get to see certain documents and testimony obtained in an Illinois lawsuit related to the hush-money deal involving former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Kendall County Circuit Judge Robert Pilmer agreed to a protective order on Wednesday, a day before a hearing was scheduled on the matter.

The order, which had the backing of Hastert's lawyers and the plaintiff, pertains mostly to medical, financial, employment or other "litigation material."

Kristi Browne, attorney for the plaintiff, said such arrangements are not unusual, especially when the plaintiff is a sexual abuse victim and the discovery documents include sensitive information.

The plaintiff is seeking $1.8 million he claims Hastert owes him in a $3.5 million hush-money deal to keep sexual abuse allegations secret. Discovery of the deal led to Hastert serving a prison term for violating bank laws.


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