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NIU Muslims reach out to community during Discover Islam Week


The Muslim community around Northern Illinois University is spending the week reaching out to DeKalb at large, to show others what their faith is all about…in a political climate where fear of Islam is higher than ever.

The Muslim Student Association at NIU is sponsoring Discover Islam Week, a series of presentations and events designed to bring its members together with the campus and the city at large. 

While Muslims have faced predjudice and interference with travel over the past couple of months, there have been few problems with anyone living in DeKalb.  Afreen Warsi is student advisor for the Muslim Student Association; she says in the wake of the Trump Administration’s travel ban, they received an outpouring of support from friends and neighbors here.

Tuesday night’s program at the Holmes Student Center featured Faizan Mumtaz, speaking about Islam in the West.  He says Muslims in the United States are generally better educated, rarely get involved in criminal activity and contribute to society – becoming model citizens, partly because of their faith and partly because being a minority here leaves the feeling that they have something to prove.

Discover Islam Week continues with bowling at the Huskies Den on Wednesday night, another presentation on Thursday evening, and a pot luck luncheon at 2 o’clock Friday afternoon at the mosque on Normal Road.

Ken Misch


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